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Tuscaloosa, AL Divorce and Family Law Attorney

John E Bockman Attorney At Law

John E Bockman Attorney At Law offers expert divorce and family law services to the Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding area. He is compassionate and sympathetic to persons dealing with divorce related issues. Divorce is often a very stressful and troubling decision to make, especially when children are involved. He will assist in attempting to work out an agreeable separation agreement in an uncontested divorce that is satisfying to both parties.
If the divorce is contested he will advocate aggressively for his client while never losing sight of the integrity and continuance of the existing family. The end goal is to bring some closure to a very emotional event, which adversely affects many family members' lives.

Attorney John E Bockman Divorce and Family Law Services Include:

  • Property transfers
  • Advocating for alimony payments
  • Advocating for pension payments
  • Advocating for child support
  • Advocating for special needs of the child
  • Advocating for college expenses for dependents

John E Bockman Attorney At Law is a member of the Alabama State Bar Association.

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